My passion is to photograph people... because people are raw, real, and beautiful. We all have a story to tell, and I love being able to do that for people through photography.

   - Kimberly Jarman

"I can’t imagine another photographer capturing the moments as well as Kim does.  Each time she has photographed us I am amazed, and my heart warms that I have these memories as our family grows."

   - Katie Reynolds (client)

Photographs that Tell


People.. they are truly


Well Hello......

Photographer & Health Coach.... my two passions that sometimes are able to mix a little! Right now you are looking at the photo side of my life, and if you want to know more about the health coaching side, just head over here!

Both lives intertwine because that's what life's a big ball of everything. My clients become friends... and thankfully many of us do life together. It's how I like it.

My passion in photography started in High School and I've been doing this as my profession since 2003! Things have changed a bit.. but I LOVE photographing people. The connection, the real moments, life.

To find out more about me, head over here.... It's a long ole story and hopefully it will give you a glimpse into who the photographer behind the images really is!


My life isn't just about pretty pictures.. It's real, raw. I share ME through Instagram... my feed includes a lot of stuff on health, my family, my inspiration, photography, and much more. It's truly a glimpse into who I am.. my own journey... my passions... and my life. I'd love for you to be a part of this journey with me, so please follow me & let's connect!!