Professional Headshots


Professional Headshots

Professional Headshots tell a lot about who you are and the people who work for you. Whether you use them for your social media, your business card, your website, or print, it's imperative that you have a professional image that will stand out.


Kimberly Jarman specializes in individual headshots, as well as corporate style specialty shoots. If you need new images that will help you stand out or images that will match a company standard, we can work with you. 

We can work on a scope of different projects, including in office "working" images, standard headshots, group images, and more.  Our outlying goal, is to get you images that you can use for marketing, social, print, and whatever medium you need. 

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As a professional, you understand the importance of a headshot. We have worked with many different individuals and corporations to really hone in on their needs. Individuals or large groups, we can work with you to make sure that you have images that will work for the project you need them for. Contact us for more information and to get a quote for your next project. 


If you are looking to update your individual headshots, we would love to do that for you! Pricing starts at $350 for a 25 minute, natural light session,with 2-3 individual hires images.


We also have sessions with more customization and images, through our Social Branding Sessions. Please ask about which one might best fit you, and we can explore both options. 

Group & Corporate

We can come to you. For sessions with more than 2 people, we can come to your environment.


These sessions are customized to your project, and can include in action working pictures, headshots, and more.


These are extremely customizable and we can put together a perfect package for each client. Just let us know what you are looking for & how many people will be involved.

Pricing starts at $250 and images are purchased Individually so you only pay for the images that you want to use for your project.

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