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You have a story to tell...

If you are in business, especially as an entrepreneur, you understand that your online presence is key in attracting your perfect client. That's why, having images that tell your story, and show who you are, is one of the most important things you can do to create a professional brand that attracts your perfect avatar! 

Using Lifestyle & Editorial Photography for your social branding, is exactly what you need for your website, Instagram feed, and marketing campaigns, especially if you are truly wanting to stand out in the crowd. It's important that your social media and website images reflect who you are... the parent, the fitness buff , the executive, the free spirit, the reader, the gardener, the friend, the spouse, the decorator, the entrepreneur.... you wear a lot of hats, and they are all part of you. 

When we do sessions like these, we spend time figuring out who you are, and what the best images would be to portray that. Sessions are customized to each individual and can be anywhere from 1-3 hours, depending on our strategy and game plan. I can help you with finding the perfect hair and makeup artist, as well as help you with wardrobe ideas and prop ideas. We will work together to create a plethora of images for your social media branding. 

Pricing for these sessions start at $550.

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Social Branding

Your presence online tells a lot about who you are to clients. First impressions are pretty big nowadays. Whether you are working in the corporate world, a social media guru, a work from home mom, or a small business owner, your online presence is usually the first place people are going to see your face. 

Your Brand. Your Story. You have to be able to share that with others through your online presence. 

Custom social branding sessions are the perfect way to really shine in your marketing.  

Session Information

Every person is unique, and your needs will be different depending on your final purpose. In our initial conversation, we will go over what you want to use your images for, and come up with a plan to get the most out of your session. Maybe you just need something simple! Maybe you need an array of images to be able to use over the next 6 months or year. Either way, we have you covered! 

Basic Branding

Don't want to spend hours on a session, but really need some personal branding images for your social media? Basic Branding is where you will want to start.


▷ Personalized help to plan your session

▷ Wardrobe guidance

▷ Makeup & Hair Stylist recomendations 

▷ Images for use on social media & website

Number of Images: 20+ hires file.

Location: One Main Location

Session Length: 45 minutes

Wardrobe Changes: Up to 2

Session Cost: $550

Social Branding

You know that your online presence is key. Having multiple images of YOU sharing your story, showing others WHO you are is imperative. The Social Branding Session is what you will need.


▷ Personalized help to plan your session

▷ Wardrobe guidance

▷ Makeup & Hair Stylist recomendations 

▷ Images for use on social media & website

Number of Images: 50+ hires files.

Location: Up to 3 locations

Session Length: Up to 3 hours 

Wardrobe Changes: Unlimited

Session Cost: $1500


Sometimes it's best to hear it from the source...

I cannot express how different I felt about myself after the photo shoot I had with Kimberly Jarman.  I am not one to dress up and definitely not one to take pictures of myself.  I never really felt like I was beautiful.  I grew up my entire life with this mentality and considered myself average at best.  After I saw the pictures, I was in disbelief that they were me!  I felt like I was looking at the woman I had always dreamed of looking like.  I didn't know I was beautiful.  I didn't realize how much I'd been lying to myself about what I already had possessed. 


I know that women have a tremendous amount of pressure in our society to be beautiful and I've felt as though sometimes exterior beauty seemed to outweigh inner beauty.  As much I have always known my inner beauty, there is something inexplicable that happens when you feel like your physical self finally reflects your inner self.  


Thank you Kimberly for letting me finally see and know the amazing light I've always had.  A picture really is worth a thousand words...and more.

Aaliyah De Florias